Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stuck in India after plane breaks down

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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his delegation faced an unexpected extension of their stay in New Delhi for the G20 summit due to a mechanical issue with their aircraft. Trudeau, who had arrived in India for the meeting of G20 leaders, was originally scheduled to return home on Sunday. However, a technical fault grounded their plane, and alternative arrangements had to be made.

The Canadian High Commission in New Delhi referred to a statement from Trudeau’s office, explaining that the Canadian air force, responsible for the plane’s operation, had reported technical difficulties that couldn’t be resolved overnight, necessitating the extended stay.

The aircraft in question was identified as an Airbus, with no clear timeline for its return. This incident isn’t the first time this aircraft has faced problems.

Trudeau’s presence at the G20 summit had a lower profile compared to some of his G7 counterparts, occurring amidst tensions between his government and India over Ottawa’s handling of right-wing Sikh separatists. India has accused Canada of not taking action against radical Sikh nationalists seeking a separate Sikh homeland in northern India.

It’s worth noting that other world figures have also encountered issues with their aircraft in recent months, highlighting the challenges of international travel.

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