Calgary vs Edmonton Housing Market, Job Opportunities, Cost of Living & Tourist Places

In this article, we compare Calgary vs Edmonton. We will differentiate these two cities based on the population, house prices, rent, cost of living, jobs, economy, weather, amenities, sports, public transport, and many more.

Alberta has grown instantly over the last couple of years. People moving to Alberta from other Canadian provinces. There are several reasons behind it that we will explain in the upcoming paragraphs.

Alberta is the cheapest and most affordable province to live in Canada. It is the fourth-largest province in Canada by area. The population of Alberta is 4,262,635 according to 2021 Census data.

Alberta has a strong economy and it boasts from the last few years. It has two large cities such as Calgary and Edmonton. There is only a 5% GST tax on goods and services and no sale tax in Alberta. Here, is the comparison between Calgary vs Edmonton.

Calgary Vs Edmonton Population

Calgary Vs Edmonton Population
  • Calgary population: 1,306,780 (1.306 Million)
  • Edmonton population: 1,010,899 (1.1 Million)

Calgary Population

Calgary is the largest city in Alberta with 1.30 Million population. The population of Calgary rose by 5.5% in 5 years.

The first highest age group population is between 15 to 64 years and 893,525 population.

The second highest age group population is between 0 to 14 years and 235,855 population.

The third highest age group population is 65 years or over and 177,405 population.

Edmonton Population

Edmonton is the second largest city in Alberta with 1.1 Million population. Edmonton is the capital of Alberta. This city’s population has increased by 8.3% in the last 5 years.

The first higher age group population is between 15 to 64 years and 688,325 population.

The second highest age group is between 0 to 14 years and 184,115 population.

The third highest age group population is 65 years and over and 138,460 population.

Calgary vs Edmonton Housing Market

Calgary vs Edmonton Housing Market
  • Average house prices in Calgary: $450,400-$600,400
  • Average house prices in Edmonton: $350,550-$400,700

Calgary Housing Market

The average house price in Calgary is $450,400-$600,400. From September 2022, house prices in Calgary are going to increase. Calgary has opportunities to explore. It is a little more expensive than Edmonton.

Edmonton Housing Market

The average house price in Edmonton is $350,550-$400,700. Edmonton has lower house prices than Calgary. Edmonton is a good place to live with your family. It is an affordable and reliable place to live in Canada.

Calgary vs Edmonton Job Opportunities & Income

Calgary vs Edmonton Job Opportunities & Income
  • The average income in Calgary: is $58,500 per year
  • The average income in Edmonton: is $54,000 per year

Calgary Income

There are more job opportunities in Calgary. Here is the list of in-demand jobs in Calgary:

  • Health Care Services
  • Automatic and Trucking
  • Social services: Early Childhood Educators, Personal Support Worker
  • Accountant
  • Human Resources
  • Business Development

The average income in Calgary is $58,500 per year. Calgary is more affordable in the housing market as compared to the metro cities in Canada. A GST tax deduction is very high in Alberta. So, these things make Alberta cheaper and more affordable to live in Canada.

Edmonton Income

The average income in Edmonton is $54,000 per year. The oil and gas industry is the main source of income for Alberta. Edmonton is considered for the “Blue Collar” jobs. Here is the list of in-demand jobs in Edmonton:

  • On-demand Shuttle driver
  • Truck driver
  • Receptionist
  • Maintenance Clerk
  • Warehouse Associate
  • General Helper
  • Health services

Calgary vs Edmonton Cost of Living

Calgary vs Edmonton Cost of Living
  • The average cost of living in Calgary: is $3,550
  • The average cost of living in Edmonton: is $3,000

Calgary Cost of living

The average cost of living in Calgary is $3,550. The provincial taxes and personal income taxes are lower in Alberta as compared to the other provinces in Canada. Some big companies have their headquarters in Calgary such as Suncor Energy, Canadian Pacific Railway, Enbridge, Infosys, RBC Innovation Hub, and many more.

Edmonton Cost of living

The average cost of living in Edmonton is $3,000. Edmonton City is the fourth cheapest place to live in the world. It has good infrastructure, a strong economy, and growing more opportunities for the people.

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Calgary vs Edmonton Public Transport

Calgary vs Edmonton Public Transport
  • Best public transport in Calgary: C-train and bus services
  • Best public transport in Edmonton: LRT service (Light rail transit)


Public transport in Calgary is very effective and less expensive. It is easy to commute around the city with the help of C- C-trains and buses. The Green Line is the biggest public transport infrastructure in Calgary’s history. The monthly pass cost in Calgary is $112.00.


Public transport is very fast and convenient in Edmonton. On-demand transit is also free in this city. The public transport services work 7 seven days a week until 3 a.m. The monthly pass is $73 for 24 years and under. Otherwise, the monthly pass is $100 for the 25 to 34 years age group.

Calgary vs Edmonton Tourist Places

Actually, both cities of Alberta have a great quality of life. Calgary is a bit bigger than Edmonton.

Calgary vs Edmonton Tourist Places

What to see in Calgary?

Here are the top Amenities in Calgary that you can explore.

1. Calgary Tower

The Calgary Tower is the main hub for tourist destinations.

2. Heritage Park

Heritage Park is the largest Western Canadian museum. This park has 180 historical exhibits and buildings. This place is a great tourist destination in Calgary.

3. Calgary Zoo

Calgary Zoo has a variety of animals, and birds and is filled with models of dinosaurs. This place is a must to explore in Calgary with your kids.

4. Prince’s Island Park

This is an urban park built on the site of a sawmill and has picnic areas in it. This park has a lot of trails and many major events.

5. Peace Bridge

This is a modern red bridge for pedestrians. It was designed by a Spanish architect.

6. Calgary stampede

Calgary Stampede is a place to celebrate festivals in the city. It is a space where huge events and shows are hosted such as horse riding.

What to see in Edmonton?

Here, is the list of top places to explore in Edmonton.

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1. West Edmonton Mall

West Edmonton Mall is the largest mall in North America. This mall has more than 800 shops. The facilities provided in this mall such an amusement park, water park, casino, and a number of restaurants and bars.

2. Alberta Legislature Building

This building is home to the Alberta legislative. It was built in 1913. You can explore this place in Alberta.

3. Fork Edmonton Park

This is the heritage park in Edmonton. You can explore this place.

4. Edmonton Valley Zoo

This zoo has a variety of animals and birds. You can also enjoy the rides in this zoo.

5. Royal Alberta Museum

6. Art Gallery of Alberta

This art gallery was founded in 1924. It exhibits the arts of Canada and around the world.

So, we compare Calgary vs Edmonton on different things. Calgary is a little more expensive than Edmonton.

Overall, both Calgary and Edmonton are good cities to live in Canada. Both cities are cheap and affordable compared to the metro cities of Canada.

Entertainment Calgary vs Edmonton Hockey

Calgary vs Edmonton Hockey
  • Best sport in Alberta: Hockey
  • The best hockey team in Calgary: Calgary Flames
  • The best hockey team in Edmonton: Edmonton Oilers

Mark Messier is the best hockey player on the Edmonton Oilers team. Edmonton hockey team became the first national hockey league team in Alberta. The Calgary Flames hockey team relocated from Atlanta.

Conclusion Which is better Calgary or Edmonton

Whether Calgary or Edmonton is “better” is subjective and can depend on individual preferences and priorities. Both cities have their own unique characteristics and offerings. Here are some aspects to consider for each city:


  • Calgary is known for its proximity to the Rocky Mountains, making it a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers.
  • The city is famous for the Calgary Stampede, a large annual rodeo and exhibition that draws visitors from around the world.
  • Calgary has a strong economy, with a focus on industries such as oil and gas, finance, and technology.
  • The city offers a variety of cultural attractions, restaurants, and shopping opportunities.


  • Edmonton is the capital of Alberta and has a vibrant arts and cultural scene. It’s home to numerous theaters, galleries, and festivals.
  • The West Edmonton Mall, one of the largest shopping malls in the world, is a major attraction in the city.
  • Edmonton is known for its strong education and healthcare sectors, with several universities and medical facilities.
  • The city has a diverse food scene and is often called the “Festival City” due to its numerous year-round events.

Ultimately, the choice between Calgary and Edmonton comes down to factors like your lifestyle preferences, career opportunities, outdoor interests, and personal preferences for urban amenities and cultural offerings. It’s a good idea to visit both cities and explore what they have to offer before making a decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

how far is edmonton from calgary

The distance between Edmonton and Calgary is approximately 300 kilometers (186 miles) in a straight line. If you were to drive between the two cities, the distance would be slightly longer, typically around 300 to 350 kilometers (186 to 217 miles), depending on the specific route taken. The driving time between the two cities is usually around 3.5 to 4.5 hours, depending on traffic and road conditions.

how long is the flight from calgary to edmonton

The flight duration from Calgary to Edmonton typically ranges from around 1 hour to 1 hour and 15 minutes. Keep in mind that this time includes the time spent taxiing on the runway, taking off, flying, landing, and taxiing to the gate. Actual flight times can vary based on factors such as the specific flight route, weather conditions, and air traffic.

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